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My 3 year old has made me a better leader

A long time ago when I was finishing up with Symantec, I received a lovely Linkedin recommendation from a colleague that finished with:

"The Altiris/Symantec group were a family and Tony was the head of that family"

That certainly wasn't by design and was mostly unconscious behaviour on my part. It's almost 10 years later, and now that I have a young family of my own, I'm only just starting to realise the power and simplicity of that approach.

With Carol Dwecks growth mindset research becoming much more mainstream and popular, I am reminded every day of how it can transfer to work environment.

Which is efficient really. It means I get to practice the same strategies at home and work. It worries me that my 3 year old toddler is much easier to be patient with though :)

Do you think of and treat your people as "resources" or family?

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