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It all starts with belief.

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Do you honestly believe your goals are possible?

Because if you don’t – that may be why you aren’t making progress towards them.

I just recently signed up to join a long term friend in a charity start-up called In future blog posts I’ll describe a little more about what Donarity stands for and why I joined the cause. At the moment however I’d like to use a pertinent example of why belief is the smallest yet biggest hurdle to your success.

With the strawberry industry in Australia under siege and farmers threatened with dumping all their crops, Mark Wilson asked a really simple question…

And with that one question, it opened a world of opportunity.

Do you ever think you'd like to go after something only to question how you could make an impact? Or do you tell yourself that you don't deserve something? Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is the mental one to take a chance.

When Mark asked that question he wasn’t any closer to helping this cause... except that he was 1% closer from a possibility perspective. That 1% was all that was needed though as he started to believe he could:

I caught up with Mark a week ago and before we sat down to lunch there were 125 people interested in the the event. 1 hour later, there were 700. At the time of posting, there were over 4000! And that's when the media latched on.

Want to make a dent in the world? You should.

You can.

Just take that first step. Believe you can.

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