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Finding awesome product owners

They're kind of like unicorns.

We were having particular trouble with the product ownership on a project and I wanted to create some training on what you want in a good product owner. Henrik Knibergs video is brilliant and I use it regularly, but then I came up with the 5 A’s to an awesome product owner below:

Ability - Is able to be the voice of the customer. They actually have expertise/experience in that area. Trap: Promoting a junior person into this role that doesn't understand the customer needs.

Authority - Empowered to make decisions on a day to day basis. Trap: A proxy Product owner who is put in place but is not empowered to make decisions. This introduces a lot of waste into your cycle

Autonomous - One single "owner". I've seen examples where this is not the case but they are rare and require maturity. Trap: A committee where the decision rights are not clear.

Available - There on a day to day basis to work with the team. Trap: Having the right person that has all the other traits but is too senior to support the team day to day.

Adaptable -  Flexible to changing situations and environments. Trap: Taking existing product managers that just want to hand over a requirements document and anointing them as PO.

Whilst there’s only 5 traits – finding them in the one person at a large organisation can be ridiculously hard. The person with authority usually isn’t available. The person with the ability may not be adaptable enough to work in an agile way. In a large fragmented business, it may be hard to find someone with sufficient autonomy.

No one said this would be easy…

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